All Natural Coconut Soy Candles

Our handcrafted handpoured candles are made from a sophisticated and luxurious coconut soy wax. Coconut Soy wax is a clean burning, biodegradable wax that we use for all candles and wax melts with unbleached lead-free cotton wicks hand poured in Gardena, CA.

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  • White & Gold Large Luxe Candle

    Candles are Home Decor!! This luxe candle vessel can be re-purposed for a bedroom, bathroom, office, or candy jar.

    White & Gold Large Crystal Candle 
  • Queen 2024 Collection

    Enjoy our new luxury scented candles inspired by wonderful fragrances!!

    Queen Collection 
  • Room and Linen Spray

    Perfect for adding a fresh aroma to your home, office, linen, closet, restroom or car. It's a natural odor eliminating room and linen spray!

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  • Black Luxe Home Decor Candles

    Our matte black candles are an amazing home decor piece.

    Black Luxe Coconut Soy home decor candles that bring an amazing experience and aroma into your home.

    Black Luxe Candle 
  • White Matte Home Decor Candles

    Beautiful Home Decor White Matte Candles, A Beautiful Room is never complete without a Beautiful Candle.

    White Matte Home Decor Candles 
  • Home Fragrance Diffusers

    It's Spring/Summertime and what better way to bring a wonderful aroma into your home, office, bathroom or room than with reed diffusers.

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  • Uniq's Luxe Collection

    Our French Cut Luxe Candle Collection is what every candle lover needs in thier life.

    Luxe Candle Collection 
  • Romantic V-Day Candle

    If sweet, subtle and seductive is what you're looking for this Valentines Day, we think our I'm Keeping You candle has it all.

    Valentines Candles 
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