Everything started with my grandmother and grandfather who taught me to make things with my hand and have a passion for what you are creating.
My grandmother made breads and jellies to sell as a source of income for her family while growing up in Roatan, Honduras.  I inherited my grandparents love for creating and making things by hand.
I have always had a love for candles but mainly soy candles and began to research the best soy wax to use when making candles. My passion for making candles grew as I discovered the soft creamy coconut soy blend wax to be the most natural, non-toxic clean burning wax.
In 2021, sharing my candle making passion with my son who was about 6 years old made me realize that I should share my passion with others by selling them online.
The name Uniq Candles is derived from my middle name Monique. I wanted something very close to my middle name. The "All About the Scent" slogan that I use with my products is what makes me want and need a candle. It's always All About the Scent. The scent must be able to set a mood, bring up happy memories or energize me. 
My scented candles bring calmness, healing, relaxation and energy to you. The fragrances chosen are very special to me.
The bakery scents are scents from my childhood memories of my grandmother baking every Friday, the citrus scents remind me of all the citrus fruit trees my grandfather planted in our yard to provide fresh fruit, the sweet tropical scents remind me of our fresh strawberries in the garden, the fresh sugar cane we would cut down each week and the search for the best mangos at the market.
The clean scents are memories of my grandmother washing clothes daily and hanging them out on the line to dry. The floral scents are from the different flowers my grandmother had planted around our home.
The luxury coconut soy blend wax that we use is because I took many months testing out different waxes and how they perform with the clean fragrance oils, and after all my trials the best, smoothest, creamiest, cleanest, and best fragrance performance was the coconut soy blend. 
I am both very happy and excited to share my creative passion with everyone so that you can enjoy the relaxing, calming, energizing and healing benefits my candles will bring to your home just from the wonderful aroma.
Bring some Uniq Candles into your home it’s one of the easiest ways to create a soothing environment in your home, provide light and heat that will instantly make any room calm and cozy.
Thank you for sharing this love and passionate journey with us.